Terms of Service

Classified Ads Service is a service of LiveOffshore.com.  It is a service for expatriates, travelers, and people who serve the expatriate community.  There are some basic rules that will be observed on this site that will keep things running smoothly.

  1. All ads are reviewed prior to posting.  Anything we don’t like, we won’t post.  For instance,
    a) This is not a site for sexually explicit content, pornography, explicit talk, or any thing of the like.  Please keep such content to yourself.  Liveoffshore.com does not want it.
    b) LiveOffshore does not condone schemes to evade taxes.  That means we don’t want advertisements promoting tax evasion, hiding assets offshore, etc.  Unquestionably we live in a time of tyranny and high taxation.  Nevertheless, most of us are in no position to fight government. Until the current financial system fails, it’s best to follow the rules.  I know of three people (Franklin Sanders, Vernice Kuglin, and Tommy Cryer) who have beat the IRS on taxes in a courtroom and who do not file (well one of them has since died so that makes his case moot).  If you are compelled to evade taxes and hide assets, it might be easier to challenge the government whether or not a statute exists that requires an individual to pay an income tax.  Attorney Larry Becraft has won at least three such income tax cases.
  2. LiveOffshore reserves the right to alter, amend, or change these rules when it likes or sees the need to do so.  The Terms of Service are not exhaustive and therefore must be updated as this service gets underway.  Think of  the Classified Ads Service as a benevolent dictatorship.
  3. At some point LiveOffshore will be charging money for this Classified Ads Service.  It is in business to make a profit.
  4. LiveOffshore reserves the right to terminate and suspend accounts with or without cause, and without notice. This shall, under no circumstances, be cause for action.