1.  LiveOffshore may leave cookies on your computer.  LiveOffshore has no idea what those cookies would do.
  2. If you post something on the Classified Ads Service, then you have no privacy and should not expect privacy.  If you’re privacy is of concern to you, please create a name that is not your own.  If you don’t want your email address made public, then please use a valid email using a throwaway account.
  3. LiveOffshore posts ads for books and products from  Those ads track purchases for Amazon.  So is probably tracking you if you click on one of their ads.
  4. Classified Ads Service of LiveOffshore wants your ads to succeed.  LiveOffshore may reach out to you to offer suggestions or ideas as to how to better write and communicate your message.
  5. The Classified Ads Service is built using the third party software, WpAdverts.  LiveOffshore is not knowledgable whether or not tracking software has been built into WpAdvert’s system.
  6. LiveOffshore will update these privacy policies as the need arises.  Check them before you post!